Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poor Teddi

I have seen so many really good looking men here but they ar3e all priests and as we know the rest are gay So many wonderful adventures. Did the crunch churches today Santa Spirito, John sacred steps. Since I fell on cobblestones looking up trying to safe my gelato I have a banged knee so opted out of crawling up the however many there are saying a prayer on each step. Who knows what fate waits for me but so far the gods have been good to me.,
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  6. ... streets of the oltrarno and found the santo spirito church and plaza
  7. The Santo Spirito Church
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

New From Teddi!

I saw the pope today. Along with about 300,000 people. Cherly wanted to go so we went and stood for an hour. The window opened, second from the right on the top, banner floats out, everyone cheers and 10 minute later this tiny figure appears. it could have been Elvis for all I could see. He welcomed all said a prayer, then everyone said a prayer in Italian and then he left. After we took the jerky little bus through Camp di Fiori to the Borghese Gallery. Third trip there and still discover something so magnificent. Such decadence and overabundance of wealth while a cardinal and pope. The Berninis are magnificent. Ended day at Trevi fountain. Threw in another coin again so that means I have 2 trips back to Italy. Have to start saving more then pennies to come back.