Monday, July 8, 2013

India 4

every once in a while you see something that so engages you, you'll never forget it. Such was the GOLDEN TEMPLE!! IT IS THE VATICAN TO SIKHS. One of the most amazing places, it even made me spiritual. It is surrounded by marble buildings with domes, gleeming white. There is a walkway next and pilgrims are all walking in one direction with their hands clasped. In the center is a reflecting pool that is 5 football fields across. In the center of the pool is the golden temple and yes it's gold. After walking around it for 40 minutes you finally walk on a 2 block long bridge to the temple. as you come into the hall, the is a blue velvet canopy that is embroidered with pearl and silver. The head "rabbi" sits there and to his left is a 5 piece "band" playing golden instruments and singing which is piped out to the rest of the buildings. In front of the "rabbi" is a "carpet of flowers" in a mozaic. There are pilgrims on 2 sides chanting? Above all this is a hugecrystal chandalier. This pavillion is 2 stories tall with worshipers on the 2nd story.
That sundown, I went to the boarder with Pakistan. Every night India and Pakistan have a marching battle.There are huge gates on either side which they open but you can really only see your "team". The uniforms of the Indians were so kooll and I'msure these soldiers were chosen on height and beauty. They do kicks above their heads and all sorts of firery things. Reminded me of cock fighting.
After this , I had to go back to the Golden Temple to see it at night. Very emotional!

The Sikh belief system is fairly down to Earth; One god is the creator of the universe, all human beings are equal, people of all religions and races are welcome in Sikh holy places, women have equal status with men, be peaceful and loving and stand for truth and justice.
Add captionBuilt by the fifth Sikh guru, Arjan Dev, in the 16th Century, the Harmandir Sahib, or Golden Temple, is the holiest temple and spiritual home of the Sikh religion. Called the Golden Temple because it is plated in pure gold. Amritsar, Punjab State, India.

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