Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfect weather in Florence. Off to Accademia where once again 
I stand in awe at David's feet. It really is so profound. I stand forever silently wonder how such a piece of marble can evoke so much emotion. The slaves are not too bad either and so interesting to see the steps, the stokes from the hammer on the unfinished pieces. Met friend who restores old papers and documents and during lunch another friend told me that my friend had been given Galileo's journals to restore for her family which owns an antique bookstore here in Florence. Great to see her workshop and some of the documents and ancient art she is working on. Would love to spend a year doing just that. We were invited my friend to leave tomorrow in her car for the hills with no destination in mind and see where we end for the night. Love adventures. Ended day with sundown at Pitti. Such an unbelievable collection of everything from precious art, furniture, objects, endless rooms of treasures. Gardens not to bad either.

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In Pompeii after stop at Herculean. Fast train to Naples and then the local express.Italy is filled with tourist wandering and wondering where they are and how to get somewhere.. Signage is so bad if there is any and what there is is covered in graffiti. No advance notices or noting of stations so you hope and pray you hit the correct one and have time to get off in one piece. Spending night here and back to Rome tomorrow. We have a 3 day pass which entitles us to see 5 places, impossible in 3 days but could not go to Pompeii this afternoon as only allowed 1 visit to each. Museums are very expensive here and twice as much if you are a non euro citizen. We need to charge foreigners more when they visit our museums in US. That would help keep them open.
Save lots of dineros to come visit.

More from Teddi!

Back in Rome after great stay in Pompeii and wonderful family that owned the B&B where we stayed. The family was so warm and welcoming and could not do enough for us. The hospitality, home cooked many coursed meal certainly made up for a little pealing paint. When we walk up our hill walk past a small shop making hand made shoes. I always wave at them and tonight they motioned us in. Spent an hour talking with them and watching them make the most incredible shoes. Look them up at Every step is done there. Watched them cut leather, hand stitch, add and trim cork, stitch all amazing steps and even the dying. Love the art and craftsmanship and each pair is truly a work of art. Now I will look with envy each time I pass by and stop by to9 watch and talk. This is the great part of staying inn one place longer. No plans for tomorrow but who knows? I could end up like Geppetto.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Campo di Fiori market

More rain. Actually it poured while we were at Campo di Fiori market. We tried to stay under tents but we finally pulled out our tacky plastic rain coats we bought on street. Then ducked into museum only to find that one of our favorite Artemesia's paintings was on loan and it Argentina until October. Could someone please alert the Italian that it is October. But wonderful visit the to Villa Farnese. CLOSED. But open Saturday morning. Millions of tourist and limited openings. But so much to see. Visited couple churches, forum and so much more.....All Hills Lead to Rome.
Photo: Tega in Italy...again. It's so great having a mom who is a butterfly with jet wings. Love her!! Mama, repost!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teddi goes to Ostia Antica

Wasted half day but spent it people watching. I decided we should go to train station to get reservations for trips to Venice and Florence. Italy is so overflowing with people impossible to believe. The pope made it the year of Faith so guess the world thinks it has to make pilgrimage to Rome. Never have had Eurorail pass validated but now reservations are required. Also another way to get 10 more euros a trip out of tourist. So we got to Termini and had to take number but no one to ask if it was correct line. We waited through 80 numbers while we watched clerks talks to each other, get snacks, etc. Then were told wrong line so we went to other with over 100 numbers in front of us. Finally got a nice person who was helpful so now our seats are done. Trip to Pompeii no an she said the way the crowds are now iffy but taking chance. Some rain but we were in train station most of day so no problem. Went to Maria Maggiore after. Love to just sit and absorb. Such amazing architecture, artifact, paintings ,etc. Love it all. Even rode the bus back. Quite rough on all the cobblestones. Back needs a rest now.
 Great day, bus then train to Ostia Antica. Ancient sea and river port for Rome bringing goods from around the world. sat at top of theater, so tranquil and could see ruins for miles and miles. Mosaics everywhere remarkable. We did have long trip back as Sally wanted to ride bus to end instead of getting off and walking across the river home. We rode to end, had to jump on return bus and spent hour over back route every bump cobblestone and rattling windows, seat jerking action.Back sore from all the walking and bus

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Teddi in Rome!!!
Rain again in Rome but it does not stop us. Wonderful weekend with visits to Villa D"Este and Hadrian's villa. English friends rented car and driver and so now I have walked Hadrian's wall in England with them, seen his tomb and been to his villa together. Crowds are at least a million near St. Petes and we have not even been inside yet. 6 wide and lined for blocks as far as the eye can see. We think it may be the new pope. I have never seen so many people. At Trevi fountain where we went at night we could not even get close to it packed with people. We hope that it lessens towards end of month. Off to Pantheon today and area close by. Sunshine today but rain predicted.
Thought of Jeff as we are off to buy coffee pot. The one cup is not working well. Friends stayed at hotel right next to where Shari stayed when making film here. Recall memoires of past trips. Hard to see Rome all in a life time.
Roman Architecture

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Guest Blogger- Teddi Shattuck!

Thought apartment in Rome was perfect but internet does go down so rewriting message. After full day of walking city, shopping, lunch in Trastevere by old apart ment love the view of church dome from my bedroom and ready for sleep. Friends come from England tomorrow and should be such fun. Apartment up steep hill and several steps but half block from Tiber and great location.