Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfect weather in Florence. Off to Accademia where once again 
I stand in awe at David's feet. It really is so profound. I stand forever silently wonder how such a piece of marble can evoke so much emotion. The slaves are not too bad either and so interesting to see the steps, the stokes from the hammer on the unfinished pieces. Met friend who restores old papers and documents and during lunch another friend told me that my friend had been given Galileo's journals to restore for her family which owns an antique bookstore here in Florence. Great to see her workshop and some of the documents and ancient art she is working on. Would love to spend a year doing just that. We were invited my friend to leave tomorrow in her car for the hills with no destination in mind and see where we end for the night. Love adventures. Ended day with sundown at Pitti. Such an unbelievable collection of everything from precious art, furniture, objects, endless rooms of treasures. Gardens not to bad either.

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