Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teddi in Rome!!!
Rain again in Rome but it does not stop us. Wonderful weekend with visits to Villa D"Este and Hadrian's villa. English friends rented car and driver and so now I have walked Hadrian's wall in England with them, seen his tomb and been to his villa together. Crowds are at least a million near St. Petes and we have not even been inside yet. 6 wide and lined for blocks as far as the eye can see. We think it may be the new pope. I have never seen so many people. At Trevi fountain where we went at night we could not even get close to it packed with people. We hope that it lessens towards end of month. Off to Pantheon today and area close by. Sunshine today but rain predicted.
Thought of Jeff as we are off to buy coffee pot. The one cup is not working well. Friends stayed at hotel right next to where Shari stayed when making film here. Recall memoires of past trips. Hard to see Rome all in a life time.
Roman Architecture

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