Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Pompeii after stop at Herculean. Fast train to Naples and then the local express.Italy is filled with tourist wandering and wondering where they are and how to get somewhere.. Signage is so bad if there is any and what there is is covered in graffiti. No advance notices or noting of stations so you hope and pray you hit the correct one and have time to get off in one piece. Spending night here and back to Rome tomorrow. We have a 3 day pass which entitles us to see 5 places, impossible in 3 days but could not go to Pompeii this afternoon as only allowed 1 visit to each. Museums are very expensive here and twice as much if you are a non euro citizen. We need to charge foreigners more when they visit our museums in US. That would help keep them open.
Save lots of dineros to come visit.

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