Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teddi goes to Ostia Antica

Wasted half day but spent it people watching. I decided we should go to train station to get reservations for trips to Venice and Florence. Italy is so overflowing with people impossible to believe. The pope made it the year of Faith so guess the world thinks it has to make pilgrimage to Rome. Never have had Eurorail pass validated but now reservations are required. Also another way to get 10 more euros a trip out of tourist. So we got to Termini and had to take number but no one to ask if it was correct line. We waited through 80 numbers while we watched clerks talks to each other, get snacks, etc. Then were told wrong line so we went to other with over 100 numbers in front of us. Finally got a nice person who was helpful so now our seats are done. Trip to Pompeii no an she said the way the crowds are now iffy but taking chance. Some rain but we were in train station most of day so no problem. Went to Maria Maggiore after. Love to just sit and absorb. Such amazing architecture, artifact, paintings ,etc. Love it all. Even rode the bus back. Quite rough on all the cobblestones. Back needs a rest now.
 Great day, bus then train to Ostia Antica. Ancient sea and river port for Rome bringing goods from around the world. sat at top of theater, so tranquil and could see ruins for miles and miles. Mosaics everywhere remarkable. We did have long trip back as Sally wanted to ride bus to end instead of getting off and walking across the river home. We rode to end, had to jump on return bus and spent hour over back route every bump cobblestone and rattling windows, seat jerking action.Back sore from all the walking and bus

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